vanagaram fish market in chennai

Vanagaram Fish Market in Chennai

Have been a regular guest to this Vanagaram fish showcase off late, after we moved our home to Nerkundrum, a territory by Koyambedu. I was not the sort of fellow who visited the market for non-veg things, generally it was my siblings or my dad at whatever point it was conceivable. Be that as it may, you realize you get hitched and afterward you have to do things you have not done previously and right now added going to showcase. I think this is a positive change. The fundamental reasons of not daring to purchase non-veg things was a direct result of the sort of spot you go to purchase stuff. The Markets. It is an extremely terrible sight and it will be loaded up with trash and rottenness all over, which I was unable to deal with. One more explanation was I was unable to distinguish the various sorts of fishes, in any case this has not changed at this point, however I despite everything attempt to purchase fish from showcase trusting the fish I get is the one I proposed to get.This isn’t the theme I need to talk about, it is something else, it is about the structure, arranging and engineering of this market.

Prior to visiting this market just because, I was expecting something soiled and gravely kept up structure which I probably won’t visit once more. Be that as it may, shockingly this spot was not a terrible spot by any means. I am secure with it. Considering some awful govt. offices (severely structured and gravely kept up) I had visited in the past like medical clinics, markets and so on., this one was very acceptable in contrast with others which I have seen previously. I would state the plan of this office, which was basic, was obvious. Be that as it may, at that point we designers are not happy with even the best and my heart said cant it be far and away superior.

Prior to delving into the subtleties of plan and the market structure I might want to remark on siting and area of this market, which could have been exceptional idea off. This market is situated on an a frontage road which will be not really 30 feet wide of the Chennai Bangalore more respectable option after Vanagaram Signal (about a large portion of a Kilometer from fundamental street). This arrangement of market at this thin street is something which incenses me at whatever point I go there. A great many individuals going to the market every day and significantly more during ends of the week need to battle out with 100s of enormous lorries carrying fish to the market to arrive at the market on this thin street. This street likewise turns into a sort of market on ends of the week with a wide range of products like straight from ranch vegetables, little wooden furnishings, T-shirts and so on., being sold by various vendors. These sort of casual setting add an encounter to the spot and yet make this restricted street significantly more congested.Though these sellers are not legitimate and ought not be staying there, our own is a nation where this sight is progressively normal and anyplace there is swarm we find a workable pace casual shops jumping up. All the above components ought to have been considered by the specialists and the area of this market ought to have been either on high route or close to roadway as opposed to on a little street.

Here I might want to value the present administration of this market, who require each push to stay away from issues for individuals by occupying traffic and managing the individuals close to the passageway of the market without which it wouldn’t be even conceivable to enter this spot.

With in the site the structure is set on one edge with an exceptionally least mishap. Had this structure been set in the middle, with one side committed to the holder lorries and the opposite side devoted to people in general would have facilitated numerous an issue. Likewise two sections for two distinct purposes would have helped as against the main container neck at present site.

At the structure level additionally some little changes will help. Coming up next are two cut areas of the market, demonstrating the current and a proposed thought by me with a little change. This change may help in the spot showing signs of improvement.

One of the serious issues I feel inside the market is blending of individuals (clients) and staff who acquire fish huge thermacol boxes to various counters inside the market. This causes a significant issue as water dribbles from all the containers on to the floor or more all the customers.This water keeps the floor in an exceptionally elusive and unfortunate condition. Not just this, therrmacol boxes that are loaded up with fish are very substantial to lift and individuals lifting need to cause the most limited and snappiest path as they to have overwhelming burden on their head as a result of which they need push through people in general and make their own specific manner. Another issue is this structure could be better ventilated thinking about the group. So I only however inside similar measurements (in width) in the event that we isolate the customers and staff by giving separate ways to both, a great deal of messiness will decrease. So the proposed segment has a committed Aisle in the center for course of open and two separate ways on different sides of the structure permitting just the laborers. This way, as will be at a more elevated level can be made to handily access by a little incline at the parts of the bargains. Likewise greater openings with flame broils will help in acquiring all the more light and ventilation inside the market.

A schematic arrangement shows how the said difference in isolation will help in having a superior working condition for the workers and better shopping condition for fish purchasers.

A portion of the photos of the market taken both during times of substantial group and off time when there is no group.

In the wake of seeing a portion of the photographs you may feel that this spot isn’t packed. In reality, its an extremely packed spot on ends of the week and I didn’t have the guts to wander into this market around then to take photos. Its actually impractical. So photos are of the occasions when there was lesser group.

On the general I would state this market is an all around structured one, in particular if specialists had dealt with everybody in a progressively definite manner this could have been something more. As to… on the off chance that you are keen on that I think you get the majority of the fishes found in different places in Chennai and as per me the expense is likewise less expensive than different spots.

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