Shirdi darshan for Senior citizens and Disabled

Shirdi darshan for Senior citizens and Handicapped

How easy is  Shirdi darshan for Senior citizens and Handicapped

Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust taken the decision of making Shirdi darshan easy for Senior citizens and Disabled Person along with that the women in primary maternity stage . The person lies in the category ( Senior Citizens , Handicapped and maternity ) will be provided with relaxation of not standing in the Ques . Women whose child is not more the one year of age are provided with the relaxation not to stand in ques for the Darshan.

The spirituality is something which enlight peace in the soul of a person.The thought is you can be enlighten in any age or any time of your life. There are few spiritual centere’s in India where every person wants to visit . The belief of lot many people always keep the Shirdi high with the crowd of pilgrims.

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    • Steps for  Handicapped people darshan at Shirdi

Senior citizen darshan at Shirdi :

There is no advance booking available the ticket can be purchased only from the counter.The senior citizen must be above the age of 60 years . The seniors citizen have to carry an Identity proof of Age . It can be DOB certificate , Aadhar card or any identity proof in which age is mentioned. And the citizens of the age above 70 years will be allowed to accompnied by his or her one near and dear one.


There will zero cost for the Shirdi darshan pass for senior citizen and the token of darshan for Senior citizens and Disabled will be issued free of costs on counters. Along with the senior citizen his spouse will be allowed with them in this line . All the people of this category are suppose to report on the gate no 3 .

The darshan for the Senior citizens and physical disables people will be available every day . A seperate line will be available for these people who are in category of senior citizens ,disabled and the women in the stage of primary maternity .

Even for the darshan people have to stand in long ques and it even took  3 to 4 hours  to reach the darshan sthan .For the Young and normal people it is easy to stand and wait for the turn . But when its comes to Senior Citizens and Physically disabled person it was very difficult for them to stand in queS at that age and in that physical condition. Shirdi darshan for Senior citizens and Disabled

Keeping the practical aspect of the humanity the Shri Saibaba Sansthan of Shirdi took the decision of making the easy Shirdi darshan for Senior citizens and Disabled people . Even the women on primary stage of maternity suffer from the problems so complementry the women with the child having age less then one year will also be allowed to do the darshan withoud standing in the ques. Shirdi darshan for Senior citizens and Disabled




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  1. Thank you very much for such excellent provision. I am 68 years old and was fearing to have the darshan in general line. However, now I am relaxed. Thank you once again.

  2. I am 78yrs old and my wife is 68yrs old. we decided to have darshan on31st auguest. we were fearing to have darshan in general line. Now we learned
    that there were some excellent provision for people like us .Thank you
    very much for that..

  3. I am aged 67 years,I am very great full thanks to shirdi sansthan trust for providing senior citizens and disabled persons for separate darshan ,I am coming shirdi with my wife on 08.08.2019.Thank q very much .om sai Jaya Jaya sai. Om sairam.Namaste.

  4. My wife can not walk or stand for a long time due to recent surgery. We are not senior citizen yet. Will we get any special assistance to avoid the usual crowds and waiting /walking time. ( just for wife also will do. As i can go in the normal queue. )

  5. My husband and myself, both above 60 years old senior citizen will be taking darshan with our 2 year old grandson. Can we take darshan meant for senior citizen accompanying 2 year grandson?


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