Delhi to Kedarnath by road

Delhi to Kedarnath by road

Delhi to Kedarnath by road . This is depiction how to reach Kedarnath-Badrinath Dham the all encompassing journey of Hindus.

Delhi to Kedarnath by road

My companions Alokesh da and Arup bhai (Chhata) went to have a darshan of Sri Badrinath Dham and Kedarnath Dham on the long stretch of September. Kedarnath Dham is the one of the Jotirlinga among 12 Jotirlings of Load Shiva even it is one the spot of Pancha Kedar too. Delhi to Kedarnath by road

Delhi to Kedarnath by road

These spots are open structure June to mid November. I am portraying the methods for how to arrive at the Dhams. The planning isn’t reasonable for venture, since it is stormy season and for that there is parcel of avalanches in the method for Badrinath and Kedarnath. My companions were stuck due to these avalanches for not many days in Badrinath. For slide I incorporate myself into the discussion. Delhi to Kedarnath by road

Everything was alright in the wake of organizing the certifications for the 15 days in length visit. We orchestrate a BSNL SIM card as a result of correspondence. We came to realize that there is correspondence issue in Badrinath and just BSNL versatile works. We got bunches of wishes from our Vivvsc siblings and Maharaj too. Delhi to Kedarnath by road

Delhi to Kedarnath by road

It was 12.09.10 we begun our excursion from Kolkata by Kumbha Express at 1.10 p.m. It was around 27 hrs. excursion and we came to at Haridwar at 4.10 p.m. Train reasonable Rs. 422.

We set up in a Darmashala close to the station, the lease was Rs. 200. In the wake of getting new we went to Har-Ki-Pouri, the well known Ganga ghat for appreciating the Aarti.

14.10.10: The following day morning we rise right on time for the Kedarnath, separation around 250 k.m. We came to in GMOU transport remain close to the railroad station. The transport is accessible upto Gourikund, reasonable Rs. 225. The slanted street began after Rishikesh.

The snick magnificence was magnificent. In transit we got Devprayag where Alaknanda and Bhagarati consolidating. Due to avalanche the transport halted before 6 k.m., and we strolled that separation and came to Gourikund around 6.30.p.m. There is dharmashala of Bharat Sevashram Sangha (BSS) where we set up for the evening. Delhi to Kedarnath by road

The room lease is Rs. 150. As it was the slow time of year so we got the room in any case getting rooms in BSS is troublesome. So my solicitation will be before going those spots please contact with them, they have their administrative center in Ballygunge, Kolkata, India. If it’s not too much trouble recall in the whole uttrakhand for the most part vegan nourishment is accessible. We took our supper there cost Rs. 40 each. Delhi to Kedarnath by road

15.10.10: We rose prior toward the beginning of the day and had our shower in the natural aquifer (tapta kunda) in the Gourikund and get revived. The temperature was beneath what we have ordinarily in Kolkata, thus documenting cold. We brought sticks of Rs. 10 and raincote of Rs. 10 for the excursion. Be certain the raincote isn’t sufficient. We began our excursion around 6.00 am. in the first part of the day. There is cowed constantly going toward the Kedarnath, so never felt alone out and about. The Kedarnath is 14 k.m. away tough from Gourikund. Rambara is 7 k.m. away from Gourikund where enthusiast used to take rest. In transit we meet bunches of fans originating from different pieces of Hindustan and abroad too. We came to at Kedarnath around 2.00 p.m. furthermore, set up in BSS. Different costs was Rs. 300. Delhi to Kedarnath by road

16.10.10: Next day after puja to the Load Kedarnath we went to Gandhi Lake (sarovar) which is 3.5 k.m. away and from that point move down to Gourikund and remain again in the BSS. We kept our baggage in Gourikund BSS ashram for Kedarnath and again while returned to Gourikund we consumed the room once more. While coming one of us not thoroughly well, thus he needed to take the assistance of pony, from Rambara it took Rs. 75.

17.10.10: From Kedarnath we took the transport for Badrinath, the good ways from Kedarnath to Badrinath is around 270 k.m., Bus reasonable Rs. 225. Stream Alakananda streams by the Badrinath. In any case, because of awful climate we had the option to arrive at just upto Josimath, 121 k.m. That night we remain in a lodging in Josimath, lease Rs. 150. Delhi to Kedarnath by road

18.10.10: The following day morning we began our excursion at 6.00 a.m. The transport is accessible from the early morning. Be that as it may, close Lambgara we halted again because of avalanche. Here the all out excursions of all pioneers were halted because of the street blockage. There was just a single chance either set with all the travelers or walk and push forward; we picked the last one. We began to stroll on the dangerous mountain slopes alongside our gear joined by in cool mountain downpour. In the wake of going up around one k.m. we arrived at an obscure town. We dealt with a house to allow us one night cover against Rs. 200. We had no choice however this to spent that night in that stormy and chilly climate inside that lickage room. Delhi to Kedarnath by road

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