Exploring Kamakhya temple black magic

All about the black magic of Kamakhya temple

The Black magic of Kamakhya temple . The blog post seems to be superstious in this era . In the 21st centuary we don’t believe in all these terms Black magic and Vashikaran .

The Kamakhya Temple is also known as Kamarup Temple . The Temple was Built in the reverance of Goddess Kamakhya .

Situated in the Nilachal Hills of Guwahati , Assam , considered as the Oldest amongst the 51 Shaktipeeth .

The blog post is all concerned about the origin and belief about the Black magic of Kamakhya Temple .

Disclaimer : The blog post don’t promote black magic . The post is only about the general tradition and belief  about the Black magic of Kamakhya Temple .

History of Kamakhya Temple

Black magic removal Puja at Kamakhya Temple 

From a very long period of time the belief exist about the black magic pooja at Kamakhya Temple . Tantrik at Kamakhya temple curb and remove the impact of Black magic and negative energies .

The Kamakhya temple don’t promote the use  of Black magic or Vashikaran . The people who are suffering from the problem of Black Magic and Vashikaran Visit the temple compound . The Kamakhya temple is a place to get rid from all these evil attempts and get cured .

In the 21st century , it is quiet unbelievable that still the problems of black magic exists and people have belief of curing them .

During the Ambubachi Mela the compound get crowded from the Aghoris , Tantriks and the people suffering from the problem of Black Magic . The mela is also Known as Ameti and Tantrik Fertility Festival .

The Black magic or Vashikaran removal pooja is performed by the Sadhus and Aghoris . The Sadhus and Aghoris are always present in the premises of Temple .

The belief is that the ten Mahavidyas are known to these Aghoris . The pooja involves the solution for the sufferings of Black magic. So , we can say that the Temple of Kamakhya Devi is to cure the problem not for using the Vidyas against the humanity .

The Sadhus also helps people to get rid of the evil spirits . All we can say the pooja is mainly to remove the negative energy surrounding a person and creating problem in Daily life of people .

Even the Sadhus  are blessed with Siddhis and powers . The sadhus also bless people for well and prosper life .

Rituals followed in removing Black magic in Kamakhya Temple 

The rituals which take place in Kamakhya Devi Temple , the important part of the rituals is animal Sacrifice .

The Goat and buffaloes are frequently sacrificed to please the Goddess Kamakhya . You can’t even think of sacrificing the female animal .

The Vashikaran is pooja is also performed . The belief is that the Vashikaran is a pooja of attraction . Basically the pooja is performed in good will .

The motive of Vashikaran pooja is to save the realtionships of husband wife and others which are meant to be saved in prosperous society .

The Vashikaran of Kamakhya is to make the thoughts of two people unilateral and making them comfortable mentally , which leads to save the relationship and carry out a healthy life .

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